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About the Car


The car started life as an everyday 318i family runaround saloon with around 100bhp. Certainly not nearly enough to be a competitive drift car.

Soon after I took ownership of it I started on the engine build and making it is what you see today. With a lot of blood, sweat, late nights, and scuffed knuckles. It is now a tyre shredding 720bhp turbocharged monster that has enough power to give 6 figure supercars a run for their money. Most importantly it was built by me and my team at JK Services along with he help of good friend Jamie at Must Weld Motorsport doing all the tube and chassis work.

​The spec list is below:



  • M50B26 (2mm overbore 86mm)

  • CP Carrillo pistons 8.5 CR

  • CP Carrillo H beam rods 

  • King Racing mains

  • King Racing  begins 

  • Standard crank 

  • ARP mains 

  • CP CARR rod bolts 

  • ARP head studs

  • JE cut ring head gasket 

  • Super tech Inconel exhaust valves 

  • Super tech inlet valves 

  • Super tech 84LB double springs with titanium retainers and single groove collars 

  • Super tech valve stem seals ​​

Boost system

  • Garrett GTX3582R twin scroll

  • 100mm core large intercooler 3” inlet 4” outlet 

  • Custom JKServices pipework 

  • 4” LSX throttle body 

  • Otaku garage inlet 

  • Zurawski Motorsport twin-scroll exhaust manifold

  • Twin-turbo smart comp gate 40s

  • 4” custom JKServices downpipe and exhaust 


  • GearMotive ZF dog box

  • TTV twin-plate clutch and flywheel 

  • Davemac prop shaft 3” custom prop

  • E36 M3 Evo rear end 

  • Wisefab driveshafts

Suspension and steering

  • HSD coilovers 

  • PO Performance CLM lock kit 

  • PO performance rear adjustable arms 

  • Purple tag rack 


Fuel and engine management


  • Holey Black lift pump

  • Twin 044 main fuel pumps

  • Torques swirl pot 

  • Plastic fuel cell

  • AN-8 Teflon lines 

  • C85 VP Racing fuel 720BHP - 650 Pump fuel

  • Fuel flex 

  • Pro Tuner custom wiring loom 

  • Link fury ECU

  • Blackops Five-0 1000cc injectors


Inside & out

  • Must weld motorsport cage

  • PO Performance hydro 

  • Sparco sprint seat 

  • TRS harness ​

  • Fiber factory rear arches 

  • Toyota supra radiator 

  • AN-20 braided lines 

  • Must weld Motorsport tubed front and rear end 

  • JKServices rear clam

  • JKServices front arches

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