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Fifth Gear Transport

“Fifth Gear Transport Services are a trusted, reliable haulier we can always count on to get the job done smoothly and effectively.

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Must Weld Motorsport

Must Weld Motorsport are responsible for the amazing fabrication work on the cars. Everything from the roll cage and front and rear bars were all custom made to meet all MSUK regulations. The work he does is fantastic, some serious cars he's built even his own MK1 Golf RWD converted drift car, check the links below to see more!

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Odd Autos

These guys rubbed down, prepped and painted the car when it was a bare shell inside and out and even the underside! First year we had the really cool Rothmans look which you can see on the right and then the year after they surprised me with red white and black to which all designs were done in paint! To clean to be on a drift car but certainly stood out from the rest.

Below you can see some of the "shorties" they've done VW beetle, a Golf along with a buggy and fully restored Escort. Work is second to none! Fully suggest watching their YouTube channel and checking out all the projects on socials.

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A H pattern straight cut gearbox designed for abuse, GearMotive is a racing car dogbox transmission manufacturing company. For 3 years I have been running this box and I'm not light on the clutch so has passed the longevity test. To order a gearbox send specs over to

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TTV Racing 

The best in the business for all makes and models. Over 7 years ive been running the same clutch kit and flywheel all ive needed is a repad which I do ever 2 seasons.

Beautifully crafted kits suited for Race, Rally and Fast Road applications.

For anymore info and orders please email with engine and gearbox application and will assist further to get the kit you need.

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Haltech has been at the cutting edge of engine management technology since it first opened its doors in 1986, its one of the leading suppliers of mega ECUs, PDMs & many automotive needs. Haltech brand is recognised globally as the leader in its field, renowned for its cutting edge technology and customer support.

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I am always looking for additional support from any companies wanting to help me on my journey and also help promote themselves in front of thousands of Motorsport fans, petrol heads and the entire motorsport community in the UK.
If you wish to contact me and discuss any opportunities, please visit my FACEBOOK page or give me an email 

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