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My name is Josh King,

I am the owner of JKServices. We are mechanics who work on the likes of cars & commercial, agricultural plant and machinery even to the ends of building customers cars.

I started drifting about 5 years ago as a little hobby on the weekends but it turned out it was something I was good at and wanted to pursue. So I took just over a year out of driving to build a car. I was then told I should compete at a higher level.

So that prompted me to enter the UK's feeder series, Drift Cup.

I competed in two rounds and did extremely well and was promoted straight up to British drift championship Pro-Am competition.

This year I did a full season of Pro-Am and managed to achieve a 3rd place season finish. With mechanical issues that year this was a huge accomplishment which seen me promoted to the Pro class of the British Drift Championship.

Less than 2 full years of competing and I am into the Pro class contending with some big team names and cars / drivers. These are the guys I looked up to when I started drifting and now I was on the start line next to them! Teams with 6 figure budgets and insane cars. With a spec list I could only dream of. 

Over the two years I've been competing I have realised that to remain a competitive a driver, what you need is to not just have financial support but a lot of moral support. A driver can only do the best he can, but without the right team behind him he wont be able to focus on the number one task, the competition. In my time drifting competitively I have had little to no help. This means along with being the driver, I am also responsible for the maintenance and repairs between runs, refueling, Loading and unloading the car, changing tyres and being my own critic and motivation at the same time. With so many plates to keep spinning and so much to deal with I managed to finish the Pro season with 3rd place after only competing 4 out of 6 rounds and was proud to say of these 4 events I managed 3 1st place finishes.



2018 Season:


Drift Cup Second round placed 8th due to a broken differential (Has now been reinforced)


BDC - PRO am Round 2: Had to qualify to gain licence, after sheering a propshaft we welded it together and qualified 8 th with no practice and a single qualifying run. Retired due to not wanting to damage car any further and leave me without a car for the remainder of the season.

Round 4 Pro-Am: Qualified 1st and came 2nd overall due to sync-rho failure in my lead run else a strong chance of finishing first, it just was not meant to be this time but having a stand on the podium was definitely one to remember.

Round 4 PRO: As I finished in the top 4 of the Pro-Am class the day before, I was given the opportunity to compete in the pro class. I came 6th came up against Duane Mceever who has won the Irish drift championship 3 times so a hard contender. My car was out paced at the time.


2019 season:


BDC Pro-am Round 1: Came 1st


Round 2 and 3: The engine was out of the car due to mechanical failure at Silverstone and needed an engine rebuild. Due to this, I used my spare car. This car was not set up properly for competitive drifting and is mainly used for shows and events.


Round 4: 1st place

Round 5: 1st place 


Final round: Knocked out top 32 due to judges missing lead car dropping wheels covering my screen in water which wasn't safe to carry on as wipers were not on. I managed managed to take a joint 3rd over all in the championship which I was thrilled with due to the issues that I had come across during the season,


I strongly believe if the car hadn't of dropped a valve I think I could have took 1st with a considerable lead. The car is now pretty much bullet proof and ready to take a gold at every possible opportunity!

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This year i shall be competing in the Drift Pro Championship. We got offered a space to drive in this series who were looking for the UKs top 21 drivers to battle it out over 8 rounds on full MSV tracks! What a line up of fast tracks we have it is a privilege to get offered a chance to battle it out against the best drivers and machinery. The E36 will be back out again this year knowing its fully capable of the big fast tracks but now going to be showing off a new paint job courteous of ODD Autos, so we know its going to be stand out and be gleaming for all the motorheads and fans to see.


The car started life as an everyday 318i family runaround saloon with around 100bhp. Certainly not nearly enough to be a competitive drift car.

Soon after I took ownership of it I started on the engine build and making it is what you see today. With a lot of blood, sweat, late nights, and scuffed knuckles. It is now a tyre shredding 650bhp turbocharged monster that has enough power to give 6 figure supercars a run for their money. Most importantly it was built by me and my team at JK Services. 

The spec list is below:



  • M50B26 (2mm overbore 86mm)

  • CP Carrillo pistons 8.5 CR

  • CP Carrillo H beam rods 

  • King Racing mains

  • King Racing  begins 

  • Standard crank 

  • ARP mains 

  • CP CARR rod bolts 

  • ARP head studs

  • JE cut ring head gasket 

  • Super tech Inconel exhaust valves 

  • Super tech inlet valves 

  • Super tech 84LB double springs with titanium retainers and single groove collars 

  • Super tech valve stem seals ​​

Boost system

  • Garrett GTX3576R twin scroll

  • 100mm core large intercooler 3” inlet 4” outlet 

  • Custom JKServices pipework 

  • 4” LSX throttle body 

  • Otaku garage inlet 

  • Zurawski Motorsport twin-scroll exhaust manifold

  • Twin-turbo smart comp gate 40s

  • 4” custom JKServices downpipe and exhaust 


  • GearMotive ZF dog box

  • TTV twin-plate clutch and flywheel 

  • Davemac prop shaft 3” custom prop

  • E36 M3 Evo rear end 

  • Wisefab driveshafts 


Suspension and steering

  • HSD coilovers 

  • PO Performance CLM lock kit 

  • PO performance rear adjustable arms 

  • Purple tag rack 

Fuel and engine management


  • Twin 255 lifts

  • Twin 044 main fuel pumps

  • Torques swirl pot 

  • Plastic fuel cell

  • AN-8 Teflon lines 

  • C85 VP Racing fuel 650BHP 

  • Fuel flex 

  • Pro Tuner custom wiring loom 

  • Link fury ECU

  • Denso Five-0 1000cc injectors


Inside & out

  • Must weld motorsport cage

  • PO Performance hydro 

  • Sparco sprint seat 

  • TRS harness 

  • Fibre factory front arches 

  • Fiber factory rear arches 

  • Toyota supra radiator 

  • AN-20 braided lines 

  • Mustweld Motorsport tubed front and rear end 

  • AB designs rear clam

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I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported me over the years. Whether it is my close friends and family for their ongoing support, or the wonderful sponsors who help keep my car looking at performing at its best and ensuring every time i am on the start line, I have the confidence to give it 100% .

Odd Autos

Odd Autos have helped me with the paint and bodywork on the car and made it look incredible. The work they do is fantastic, Check out the shorty bug and golf they built! Links are below 

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Bigg Red

Bigg Red brakes have helped out massively with brake caliper rebuild kits. Knowing my brakes are as good as new gives me the confidence to drive hard every time I leave the start line. If you are looking to refresh your brake system go check their website out and see what they have!

Facebook - Website - Instagram

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Gearmotive have supplied me with an incredible dog box to replace my old manual box which was causing me issues. It is more reliable, simple and effective. No more worries about missed shifts!

Visit their website for more info or to purchase one for your build!

Facebook - Website


Must Weld Motorsport

Must Weld Motorsport are responsible for the amazing fabrication work on the cars. Everything from the roll cage and font and rear bars were all custom made to meet all BDC regulations. The work he does is fantastic, check the links below to see more!

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PO Performance

One of the key parts of competitive drifting is making sure you have the right steering and suspension set up. PO Performance have hooked me up with their incredible lock kit giving me a huge amount of additional steering lock over standard and making the car more than capable at any event. See their full product range by clicking the links below.

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Wax & Away

Wax &Away is a professional Detailing centre offering in-house training courses and a wide range of professional car care products. Specialising in paint corrections, wet sanding, ceramic coatings and ppf.

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I am always looking for additional support from any companies wanting to help me on my journey and also help promote themselves in front of thousands of Motorsport fans, petrol heads and the entire drift community in the UK.
If you wish to contact me and discuss any opportunities, please visit my FACEBOOK page.